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Ahead of the tale, Sousuke and you can Kou was previous nearest and dearest and you will classmates in the junior highest

• Amnesiac Spouse• Battle Couples• Smash Blush• Matchmaking Just what Daddy Detests – Mitsuba is actually a beneficial supernatural when you find yourself Kou is regarding a family of exorcists.• Report out of Safety• Passed away on your Arms Tonight – Kou kept Sousuke inside the arms when he died just after Tsukasa corrupted his rumor.• First Like – Having Mitsuba.• Missing Very first Fulfilling – Kou did not remember Mitsuba initially.• Family members to Partners• Locks Evaluate Duo• Carrying Hand – Albeit these include dreadful at the they often.• Insult regarding Endearment – Mitsuba Phone calls Kou a Hella-Lame, Traffic-Safety-Earring Boy.• Eg an old Partnered Few• Love Initially• Perhaps not a night out together – Whenever Kou requests for towns commit, their loved ones guess he or she is with the a night out together, but he states it isn’t a romantic date.• Opposites Interest• Piggyback Lovely – Kou offers Mitsuba pursuing the latter injures his ft.• 2nd Like – To possess Kou.• Vessel Tease• Star-Entered People• One that Had Away – Sousuke to help you Kou.• Tragic Bromance• Heartbreaking Souvenir – Sousuke’s cam and pictures.• Tsundere• Vitriolic Top Buds• As he Smiles• You are Really worth Heck – Kou nearly passed away becoming that have Mitsuba forever.


It weren’t close friends, by itself, however, on account of sitting in the title buy, Sousuke sat in front of Kou. They did actually get along better and became family members rapidly. Sousuke wound-up swinging classes, but not, and later passed away in a vehicle collision when you’re venturing out to help you buy carrots to own his mother’s birthday curry. Sousuke reappears once the an enthusiastic apparition, even though their fresh look differs from that his middle school appearance. The guy roams the school entrances, and you may is located at out to the individuals he recalls inquiring if they think of him, even in the event he seems a lot more like a silhouette. When Sousuke has reached off to Kou, Kou holds their give and hits your returning to a good locker, discussing Sousuke’s correct means. Kou failed to admit your, but he performed accept Sousuke’s secondary school consistent.

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Kou upcoming reassures Sousuke one to he’ll think of him since the a good boy who had been “assertive, girly, self-centered, ColombiaGirl mobiili sarcastic, got an unsettling voice, enthusiastic about their digital camera, ran emo both, and you will an effective faker” and therefore the guy must be himself and then make household members step 1.4 Research Camp step one.5 Loss 1.six The brand new Yellow Family step one.7 Night life 1.8 Omen Canon

At that time, Kou had manufactured their attention to simply exorcise spirits one to cause harm to others, very he had spared Sousuke and made a decision to let him rating reduce his regrets alternatively. Very first, the two don’t go along. Sousuke usually lashed rude nicknames within Kou, his favourite are “Hella-lame-traffic-safety-earring boy” in which however relate to Kou on the several occasions. He’d also guess Kou was seeking “would pervy things to him,” ultimately causing Kou delivering titled a great pervert usually. Reciprocally, Kou think Sousuke are rude and you will ridiculous, even if the guy aided Sousuke rid of his regrets anyway.

At first, Sousuke would not answer questions you to Kou had, resulting in Kou threatening your discover responses. At some point, Kou discovered that there can be a graphic Sousuke planned to need when he is live, therefore Kou chooses to let your simply take one to image. That was whenever Kou’s friend, Yokoo concludes by to say hello to help you Kou. Yokoo notices your camera Kou is actually holding and you may told you it belonged in order to Sousuke, and offered certain perception toward who he was. It aided Kou think about Sousuke, and he noticed harmful to not accepting your in the beginning. Sousuke up coming tells Kou “I achieved off to folk just who I imagined is actually my good friend, however, nobody recognized me personally. only, I remembered all of them.” It started initially to precipitation, and so the two decided to lead in to the to one another, bringing the staircase to the top floors. To your steps, Sousuke shows that he had been bullied within the basic to be too “girly” otherwise “assertive,” so the guy decided to create yet another image in middle school. He had been nice to everyone, but no one noticed your. He wasn’t bullied, however, he did not make any genuine family relations. When he passed away, not one person seemed to observe otherwise worry.

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