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This informative article ran extremely widespread and you can I’ve said this in the comments most likely 20 times, therefore I’m adding so it right here

Note: In my opinion the great thing tyypillinen Pohjois nainen people about United states does will be to get off for most many years also, but if a beneficial United states resident cannot exit, the drawback is a lot lower than when the an excellent Chilean never leaves.

Modify to include: December 14th. The biggest misinterpretation associated with the article over the past range, the fresh new mention. Most people are providing they in order to mean that I think the us is preferable to Chile. I am not saying saying that at all. My personal whole area is the fact that the United states is much large, has actually alot more immigration, a lot more tourism, a great deal more universities for which you get off their safe place, different varieties of people in some other places so your opportunity off fulfilling someone else away from you are higher for many who never ever get-off the us compared to an individual who never ever simply leaves Chile.

They are able to notice that getting passive aggressive is not necessarily the path to achievement

“Note: I do believe a good thing individuals about Us will do should be to leave for most ages too, in case a great You resident will not hop out, the drawback is much less than if the a great Chilean never renders.” Yes, you to did wonders whenever a young child out-of Colorado surely got to become President; don’t it? Life style overseas possess enormous masters, no matter what country, and you may Chile where sense is not any worse otherwise much better than the rest of the community.

I have no clue everything suggest by your “Sure, you to definitely worked so well when a kid out-of Texas surely got to become President; did not they?”, would be the fact said to be george bush with never existed abroad? do you really describe? Chile are a remote nation where many people are provincial and you will i do not know how one thing functions beyond your country. Far away, indeed there a great deal more connection with people from other countries or other cultures, and that means you don’t get trapped in the united kingdom club mindset including of numerous chileans do. This is exactly why leaving Chile is far more very important you to definitely making various countries. In the usa, European countries, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia an such like, you will see most other enjoy and you may satisfy others with different knowledge, whereas in the Chile the huge vast majority do not and only assume this is the method it is.


Yes, W try the brand new reference; but it do connect with of several within the Colorado and other metropolises I guess. Not to imply Chile wouldn’t work for significantly of it, merely stating that isn’t one to different from the rest of the nation; as well as this time You will find lived-in 4 different countries almost every other than Chile (You included). My personal section is the fact sure we might work for, however, more so than any most other nation? Disappointed, Really don’t go along with that; for the an over-all basis needless to say, we’re not starting outline right here.

Without a doubt, there’s indeed many ignorant, closed minded members of the brand new says, simply examine exactly what Donald Trumps managed to to accomplish! Many thanks for commenting and you can willing to commit to differ using one of one’s issues!

We go along with a few of the facts you have made in your post, nonetheless it looks as though you really don’t like chilean culture, specially within part. Please remember all of the society has its own good things and you can crappy. “Both upper-class and you will non upper class Chileans would be to leave Chile observe what it’s want to reside in a society where solution is great, some one believe each other and they are nice together into the go out-to-day connections. You to definitely requesting one thing physically is amongst the best method in order to rating what they want. That saying zero so you’re able to some thing they will not need is much simpler than saying yes to everything you when they most suggest zero” We well worth complimentary hence the reason we would-be less direct than in other countries and you will does this mean you might think people in Chile are not sweet to each other? I am not sure, I’m very sorry you’d such as for instance a bad sense, but never court a whole country centered on the connections. Together with a great amount of what you state holds true for anyone in most nations

by | Oct 23, 2023